Power Words

Have you ever been mesmerized even almost attracted to a smooth salesperson? I can say that I have. Honestly it’s one of the reasons that I knew I would be good at the career.

I’ve always had a charm with the ladies. If I could just build upon that charm, I could not be stopped in sales. When I say charm I mean it in a deeper sense of the word. I don’t want you to think that I always had only my interest in mind. I knew how to talk to the ladies because I made it a point to listen and be truly interested in their well-being. I believe that in doing so I portrayed a confidence that attracts most ladies. Now, balance must be maintained or else you come across as needy and clingy.

I don’t want to get too far off topic here, so let me state my point. I’ll save the rest for a later post.

You have to portray confidence to be a succesful salesperson.

Confidence in sales comes from many different areas. Training is vital. A knowledge of your product is essential. However, there is one aspect of confidence that is universal to sales. By the way, when I say SALES, I don’t mean it in a traditional sense. Every person in the world is in a sales environment everyday of their life. Think about it. To be posted later. Right now, it’s POWER WORDS!

Wikipedia has their definition here.

Emurse has a ‘complete’ list of POWER WORDS.

I have a list of twenty six power words that I have committed to learn. I already know the words, but I will use these words at the right time and often. Starting…now.

Here’s my list…

Address – “That’s a good point! Let’s address that.”

Balance – “We want to balance your work and family life.”

Budget – “How much have you budgeted for this?”

Communicate – “I’m not here to sell you anything. I really want us to communicate.”

Determine – “We will determine your need.”

Encourage – “Well, I encourage you to consider the benefit.”

Focus – “Let’s focus on you.”

Generate – “This product generates peace of mind.”

Host – “I’m hosting 5 business owners at a dinner party next week.”

Identify – “We identify clients.”

Join – “Join me for a walk through a study in sales.”

Keep – “Let’s keep that in mind.”

Localize – “We want to localize 10 qualified prospects this month.”

Maximize – “I’d like to maximize your profits.”

Motivate – “My job is to motivate you to take action.”

Navigate – “Well, it can be complicated; but I’m here to navigate.”

Organize – “When we organize your finances, you’ll feel much better.”

Prepare – “You have to prepare for the inevitable.”

Qualify – “You qualify for our newest offer!”

Reward – “You must find a balance to risk and reward.”

Strategize – “I’m confident we can effectively strategize this process.”

Target – “Locate the need, target the sales.”

Urge – “I urge you to act decisively.”

Visualize – “O.k., visualize this…”

Witness – “I want you to witness the amazing benefits our product offers.”

Yield – “This profession yields incredible profits and enviable leverage.

p.s. – In my “Rain Man” way, I used the alphabet to create my list. It’s not necessary.

Also, when talking to someone about money. Consider using the word budget. For example, check out the way these two sentences strike you:

  1. “How much can you afford?”
  2. “What can you fit into your budget?”

The first sentence makes your potential client feel like they are constrained by money. The second, while accomplishing the same task, makes the potential client feel more empowered. You’ve assumed they have a budget and are in control of their financial situation. Then, that they are able to direct how much monetary value is placed in your product or service. You’ve successfully created the image of negotiation.

You can appropriately qualify your client using the proper POWER WORDS.

I’m just getting started here folks. Get ready!

There is more to come on the subject of POWER WORDS. I just have to run right now.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales


One response to “Power Words

  1. Oh, to be the first to post a comment on your own blog! This is a necessary thing, not just a feel good comment.
    After further study, I had to update this entry. It seems that having a POWER WORD list is o.k., but trying to implement the use of them requires a system.
    Consider this, pick one word (or two if you’re ambitious) and make that your word of the week. Every time the opportunity comes up…use that word.
    At first some of the people close to you will probably get annoyed or at least think you’re silly. However, they’ll get over it when you start pulling in the loot from you big boost in CONFIDENCE. You’ve started to MANAGE YOUR MIND!

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