How to ‘Just Get Started’ B2B

The process I’m about to show you is intended for insurance sales. Specific wording for your industry may be substituted.


‘Just Get Started’ contacting Businesses about my Work Site Program

Action Plan:

  • Open a word document.
  • Type out the following:
    • Company Name:
    • Phone:
    • Gate Keeper:
    • Sales Dept. Name:
    • Phone:
    • Benefit Program:
    • Open Enrollment:
    • Decision Maker:
    • Phone:
    • Appointment:
    • Blog Interview:
    • Potential Interview Topics: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales
  • Open the yellow pages.
  • Call on you choice of industry.
  • Fill in your form as you go.
  • Follow up

This is straight forward. Let me explain a bit to make sure it is clear.

Gate Keeper: The person that answers the phone is the gatekeeper. It doesn’t matter who this is. Write down the name of the person that answers the phone. It may be more than one person. If you get transfered to someone else, write down that persons name as well. These people will become important to you as you establish a relationship with your client. As time goes by, you may be able to ask for this person as a contact point within the company. Make the gatekeeper your friend!

Sales Department: Many companies, such as yours, have a sales department. You need to know the company’s salespeople. Ask if a salesperson is available. You will learn a lot about the company structure this way. In a larger organization, you will be able to gain valuable information from a salesperson. In a smaller company, you may reach the decision maker herself. Salespeople are valuable resources.

Appointment: Always ask for the appointment. No matter how the call goes, ask for the appointment. Whether you speak with the decision maker or not, make it clear that you want an appointment with that person.

Blog Interview: If an appointment is hard to obtain, pull out your secret weapon. Ask for an interview of the owner for your blog. You’ll need to draw up questions for this one. My personal favorite topics to discuss are Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sales. Most decision makers will jump on this opportunity. Make sure you bring up your sales position when conducting the interview. If you don’t have a blog, now you have a reason to start one.

That’s all I got. Let me know if this works for you. I’m off to ‘Just Get Started’ calling some businesses.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales


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