You Have No Reason!

If you want to be in sales and you’re not…


I went to the other day and searched for the key word ‘Sales’. I was specific as to my location, Texarkana. There were a ton of opportunites. I’ll highlight a few, but first let me say this. I received a call back on three of four resume uploads.

Just so you know, I have spent a considerable amount of time on my resume. It looks pretty great if you ask me. If you want some help on yours let me know. I’ll point you to some good sites. I might even help you with yours if you ask nicely.

Anyway, here are the companies that I’m looking into. I’ve listed them in order as to which I am leaning towards.

National Write Your Congressman — providing legislative research since 1958.

Central Payment Corporation— a registered IPO of JP Morgan/Chase Bank.

George S. May – Quality Management Consulting since 1925.

All three are in good standing with the BBB and have opportunities right now!

So, to be short and sweet…

If you want to be a salesman and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


not to.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales


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