What You Want

Keith Rosen is an executive Sales Coach.  I found this article on All Business. Keith has listed a few questions for you to answer to “attract” this reality towards your being. Check out the article here. In the name of transparency for myself, I answered the questions.

1. How many hours in a typical workday?

4 hrs

2. What is your desired salary?


3. Who are the people you are working with?

ex-restaurant employees, laid back, enjoy life type of people

4. What type of clients do you want to serve?

ex-restaurant employees, laid back, enjoy life type of people

5. What type of product/service do you want to offer?

books, booze, burgers, bungy, whatever

6. What is your day filled with or what type of activities you are responsible for?

Making sure my folks fill those four hours completely…it’s only four hours!

7. What type of industry?

Entertainment, food, leisure

8. What is the level of autonomy?


9. What type of growth opportunities exist? 

Extreme, but franchised

10. What kind of supervisor do you want to work with (if any)? What’s that person’s management style?

Laid back, but with an edge when necessary

11. What are your co-workers like (if any)?

Artists with other skills

12. What benefit/incentive package is offered?

Full paid insurance, the whole works

13. What type of environment/corporate culture do you thrive in (fast paced, stressful, relaxed, quiet, etc.)

fast paced, but relaxed

14. What are you passionate about?

poetry, music, adrenaline, and good food

15. What type of career would be a reflection of who you are?

Entertainment with education

16. How does your career complement your lifestyle?

Talking with and entertaining many folks that are like me

17. What are the demographics of your clients and co-workers?

Adventurers, free spirits of any age, with a passion for good food and the arts

18. What are your strengths and talents that you would like to orient your career around?

Poetry, conversation, and charm

19. What do you do great?


20. What don’t you like to do?

Convince people of something they don’t believe

21. What needs to be present in order to make a smooth transition and be financially responsible with the least amount of risk or error?

Very talented staff and a prestige about our establishement

22. Who do you have in your circle of influence to support you through this transition? (family, friends, coach, etc.)

Lukas, Hannah, several famous slam poets and musicians, several guest chefs, and sports stars

23. Who do you need to be (or become) in order to achieve, create or succeed at this?

A well known poet with a very trained pallet and an appetite for adrenaline

24. What are the fears or limiting thinking that’s keeping you from moving forward without hesitation? 

A need for money now

I only fell at the end…now what?

Try it, you’ll like it


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