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What You Want

Keith Rosen is an executive Sales Coach.  I found this article on All Business. Keith has listed a few questions for you to answer to “attract” this reality towards your being. Check out the article here. In the name of transparency for myself, I answered the questions.

1. How many hours in a typical workday?

4 hrs

2. What is your desired salary?


3. Who are the people you are working with?

ex-restaurant employees, laid back, enjoy life type of people

4. What type of clients do you want to serve?

ex-restaurant employees, laid back, enjoy life type of people

5. What type of product/service do you want to offer?

books, booze, burgers, bungy, whatever

6. What is your day filled with or what type of activities you are responsible for?

Making sure my folks fill those four hours completely…it’s only four hours!

7. What type of industry?

Entertainment, food, leisure

8. What is the level of autonomy?


9. What type of growth opportunities exist? 

Extreme, but franchised

10. What kind of supervisor do you want to work with (if any)? What’s that person’s management style?

Laid back, but with an edge when necessary

11. What are your co-workers like (if any)?

Artists with other skills

12. What benefit/incentive package is offered?

Full paid insurance, the whole works

13. What type of environment/corporate culture do you thrive in (fast paced, stressful, relaxed, quiet, etc.)

fast paced, but relaxed

14. What are you passionate about?

poetry, music, adrenaline, and good food

15. What type of career would be a reflection of who you are?

Entertainment with education

16. How does your career complement your lifestyle?

Talking with and entertaining many folks that are like me

17. What are the demographics of your clients and co-workers?

Adventurers, free spirits of any age, with a passion for good food and the arts

18. What are your strengths and talents that you would like to orient your career around?

Poetry, conversation, and charm

19. What do you do great?


20. What don’t you like to do?

Convince people of something they don’t believe

21. What needs to be present in order to make a smooth transition and be financially responsible with the least amount of risk or error?

Very talented staff and a prestige about our establishement

22. Who do you have in your circle of influence to support you through this transition? (family, friends, coach, etc.)

Lukas, Hannah, several famous slam poets and musicians, several guest chefs, and sports stars

23. Who do you need to be (or become) in order to achieve, create or succeed at this?

A well known poet with a very trained pallet and an appetite for adrenaline

24. What are the fears or limiting thinking that’s keeping you from moving forward without hesitation? 

A need for money now

I only fell at the end…now what?

Try it, you’ll like it


Ride out!

Ride out!


Since I got an earlier than expected start to my ‘No Net’ sales experience, I requested a ride along with a team member.  Richard Howell set me up to get with Steve Trevillion.

I plan to ride out with Steve in Carthage, TX Wednesday the 18th.

I’ll post when I get back to document the trip.

I have to get out of the house by 5AM to make it to Carthage at 7AM.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales

No More Net!!!

O.k. people…it’s on!!!  It’s time to start documenting my true journey into the world of sales.

Until now it was all theoretical.  I studied and studied and did not much in the way of selling, because I had a net.

Now, I have NO NET!

I want to tell you all about it.  It’s the reason blogs exist.  I can say what I want here and no one can fire me!  Which brings me to my first point.

I am so glad I left my hourly job!  I can honestly say that I don’t care right now that I have no guarantees for next week’s pay check.  I don’t care that I’m having to pay for COBRA a month or two.  I’m just so glad to be out from under the rule of my immediate supervisor there…I’m actually happy to be unemployed.

Here’s the story…

The company is a pretty good place to work.  They take care of their employees.  My division just hired a new V.P. of Wholesale.  I think he’s a great addition to the team.  He’s really got a great vision for the sales team.  Unfortunately, I was not part of the sales team at this company. 

I worked for nearly two years under this guy who’s name is not worth mentioning (NName Small Man from here on out).  I did my job and I did it well.  I have a college degree and I was working the graveyard shift for hourly wages.  I work twelve hour shifts and had about two hours worth of work to do.  I like to think I used that down time nicely.  I studied and studied and finally built up the courage (with the help of Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist) to step out of my comfort zone.

I waited and consulted several people before sending a respectful “form letter” two-week resignation letter to NNSM, V.P. of Wholesale and H.R. Director.  This was not accepted well from NNSM as I had told him previously I would probably be out around August 1 (the notice put my last day as July 20).  He didn’t speak to me for the entire week after I submitted my notice.

The last night I worked I made a mistake that could have happened on any night.  I slipped up and made an honest mistake.  It wasn’t huge and has been made by myself and several others many times in the past.  When the morning guy came in, I told him about my slip up.  I told him I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it and that at least I couldn’t get fired over it.  Well, guess what…the morning guy is trying to work his way up the ladder in this company.  So, he’s buddy-buddy with NNSM.  He tells NNSM that I popped off about not being able to be fired and that I wasn’t doing my job.

So, I get a week of un-paid vacation.

So, here’s to No Nets!  Wish me luck.

p.s.-I also went to my MySpace page and found that NNSM had deleted me from his ‘Friends’ list.  What a tool!

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales

You Have No Reason!

If you want to be in sales and you’re not…


I went to the other day and searched for the key word ‘Sales’. I was specific as to my location, Texarkana. There were a ton of opportunites. I’ll highlight a few, but first let me say this. I received a call back on three of four resume uploads.

Just so you know, I have spent a considerable amount of time on my resume. It looks pretty great if you ask me. If you want some help on yours let me know. I’ll point you to some good sites. I might even help you with yours if you ask nicely.

Anyway, here are the companies that I’m looking into. I’ve listed them in order as to which I am leaning towards.

National Write Your Congressman — providing legislative research since 1958.

Central Payment Corporation— a registered IPO of JP Morgan/Chase Bank.

George S. May – Quality Management Consulting since 1925.

All three are in good standing with the BBB and have opportunities right now!

So, to be short and sweet…

If you want to be a salesman and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


not to.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales

Close the Sale!

First things first.

Closing the sale should be easy!

You should have the client telling you what they want by the time you are finished with your sales presentation. I’m a firm believer in this principle…you will not persuade me otherwise.

You must listen. You must ask. You must present in such a way as to make your client “see the light“.

O.k., I back tracked on this post. I just finished reading Spin Selling by Neil Rackham. You’ll find that post in more recent postings. Don’t get confused, just read on…

You start with the end in mind. See my post called Sales Magic Trick.

Then you proceed to ask Situation Questions. Find out where you client is towards this end.

Continue by asking Problem Questions. Based on their situation, what problems could your product or service solve? Don’t solve them yet…just read on.

Next ask Implication Questions. It’s not easy, but build up that problem they just told you about. Make them see it in terms they can relate to. Lost productivity, high turn over, complacency, whatever.

Finally, Need-payoff Questions. Well, I see that your problem is big. Would this help solve it? How so? Is that worth doing? How else is this solution beneficial. Build up the solution you have to offer instead of the problem they have. Get them to tell you why your product or service is so great.

This is my take on the subject. I believe it to be true. If you think you need more info on hard Closing techniques… has a great section on this subject. It’s very practical and useful. Quite frankly, I think it is all inclusive. has a good article on how to handle objections when asking for the sale.

Evidentially, Brian Tracy is an expert on Closing the Sale.

Until next time…

Keith Porterfield

a Student of Sales